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Auto Parking Lock is equipped with new auto-sensing function. User can easily manage his/her parking space by placing a sensor. Compared with traditional parking locks, Auto Parking Lock does not need any manual operation, which makes parking experiences more ideal. It is a competent private parking manager.

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The Two Post Parking Lift is a hydraulic unit operated lift with two mounting posts. The platform design is made in a compact manner so that the car can be stacked with minimum space. 

This parking system is designed with the upper and lower two spaces as a unit. The lower car can go in and out directly. When a car needs to be parked in the upper space, the lower car should be pushed out. It is the most economical solution to stack cars in vertical position. And easy to work with less noise production. We have Multi Column Parking Lift in our collection. Pls contact us to purchase.

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Road Studs

Raised (or reflective) Pavement Markers (RPMs), or Road Studs, are devices that are bonded or anchored within the road surface for lane marketing and delineation for night-time visibility. Solar Studs share the same function by emitting super bright LED light. They are also built to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Size: 95*95*18 mm
Weight: 70 gm
Color: Yellow
View Distance: 300 m
Quality: Anti-UV
Material: ABS+PM MA

Guard Rail

Guard Rail or Protective Guarding in general are a boundary feature and may be a means to prevent or deter access to dangerous or off-limits areas while allowing light and visibility in a greater way than a fence.

Vehicle Barrier Gate Parking

Vehicle Traffic and parking control for commercial & industrial application (Made in China). Each Barrier Gates comes with 2 hand remote controller and 1 push button for auto operation, 1 year’s of warranty. 

Parking Mirrors Convex to help deter theft and eliminate the dangers of blind spots and dangerous intersections. If it is used properly they can give you a better view of hidden areas in your store, at the intersection of your driveway and the road or in the pathways of a busy warehouse. 

Plastic Column Guards

Plastic Column Protector provides effective protection of columns and pillars against costly damage caused by forklift trucks, transport vehicles, HGV. s etc. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Size: 800*100*100*10mm
Weight: 1.3kg

Rubber & Plastic Wheel Stopper

Wheel Stopper are an effective way to prevent vehicle overhangs from reducing the clear width of accessible routes (e.g. , sidewalks). Wheel stops are responsible for many tips and falls by pedestrians in parking lots.

Size: 590*150*90 mm
Material: Rubber&plastic
Weight: 4.2 KG

Rubber Speed Bumps

The Rubber Speed Bumps provides a firm speed deterrent, ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic. Rubber Speed Bumps have an advantage over traditional asphalt because they are removable, easy to install, and not susceptible to cracking. 

Size: 1000*340*50 mm
Weight: 9.5 KG
Color: Black and Yellow
Load capacity: 20 t
Quality: Anti-crash & Anti-UV

End cap of Speed Bumps

The rounded edges make for a smooth transition from end cap to Speed Bumps. End Caps are a great way to complete your Rubber Speed Bumps set.

Size: 340*170*50 mm
Weight: 1.8 KG
Color: Black and Yellow
Quality: Anti-crash & Anti-UV
Material High-intensity rubber

One way access spike barrier

One way access spike barrier (Made in China).

Size: 1000 x 385 x 50 mm
Weight: 24 KG
Steel Plate: 3 mm
End Cap Size: 385 x 270 x 270 x 50

Weight: 9.50 KG
Extremely strong with visible traffic yellow teeth, comes with fittings.

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